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More Than an SA Officer

The Student Association (SA) at Southwestern Adventist University is fortunate to have a Ministries Vice President, a position held by junior theology major Kyle Barrow. This role comes with a position on the Spiritual Life and Development (SLAD) team, a committee focused on the spiritual atmosphere of the school. Barrow helps with spiritual programming, connecting speakers, planning vespers, and recently Week of Prayer (WOP).

Barrow believes that what sets this WOP apart has been the intention. The sermons preached weren’t “feel-good” sermons but challenged the students. “When Jesus speaks to us, we should feel uncomfortable. Like, ‘Man, I really gotta change and get better,’” says Barrow. Barrow wants students to take away the idea that “Jesus wants you as you are, so He can change you for something better.”

Barrow’s goal this year is to be available spiritually. Students can talk about life, receive Bible studies, or pray with him. Barrow can be found in the SLAD office Monday and Wednesday from 1-4 pm, or through text and email.

Barrow wants to see more testimonies on campus. “If God can use them, He can use me,” says Barrow. To get involved in vespers or other SLAD events, contact Pastor Russ Laughlin or Pastor April Chisholm, student chaplains, or go to the SLAD office in Findley.

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