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James The on COVID

Student life on campus wouldn’t be what it is without James The. Also known as Dean The, he is the Southwestern Adventist University vice president for Student Services and has worked with the Student Association officers for 11 years. His favorite part about it is seeing the new student leaders.

Things have changed with Covid-19. The says planning events with Covid-19 protocol is difficult. It's important to always think twice when it comes to the health and safety of each event, and how it will impact the students, faculty, and staff. The wants students to experience college life and be socially active, regardless of what people might say. His goal for 2021-2022 is to get back on track. The is totally committed to all students involved!

“For me personally, I’m trying not to be so gun shy and timid, so that we can just say ‘hey, let’s try to get back to normal as much as we can,’” says The. He wants SA to be engaged, opening opportunities for students to meet new people. To the SA officers this year, The encourages them to be committed and devoted to making sure we, as a university, get past the pandemic and develop our new and future students as leaders.

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