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Behind SA's Social Media

Covid vaccinations are a touchy subject. For Vitor Monteiro, the Public Relations officer for Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU)’s Student Association (SA), it is something he feels strongly about. Monteiro wanted to promote the vaccine on the SA instagram account, but was told no.

“The school did not want to take a stance on vaccines, so SA is not allowed to as well.” He said. This was a shock to Monteiro since an email from the SWAU President, Ana Patterson, sent at the beginning of the school year stated, “We encourage and will facilitate vaccination on campus.”

Monteiro has transformed social media for SWAU tremendously. He gained previous social media work experience operating the SWAU Admissions Department instagram account. Monteiro has created a brand for the SA instagram with specific colors and graphics that have aided in reaching 83 percent more accounts, half of which are students, since last school year. Despite challenges, Monteiro feels he is doing a good job compared to the previous posts from past years.

Monterio says it has been different than he imagined. He expected a large team to help him and some infrastructure. However his expectations were not fulfilled. Thankfully, he does have helpers in design and videography: fellow students Keith Barrow, Evelyn Quiroz, and SA Mizpah Editor Jose Castro.

When it comes to media ethics, he’s tried hard to stay away from vulgar words or photos. A common critique Monteiro has received from others has been his typos.

His goal is to make the page and material look good to keep students engaged, improving the communication between SA and the student body. If one wants to join the SA social media team, directly message the SA instagram account, @saswau.


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