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Miner on the Rise

Standing on the shoulders of many people in life is essential to achieve great things. Tom Miner is a perfect example of what leaning on others looks like, especially when you want to achieve success. He shadowed a production director in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the age of 14 and he fell in love with radio. He even would try to mimic being on the radio by using his mom's hairbrush as a mic. Miner’s jobs throughout his radio broadcasting career have brought many great individuals into his life. Working at 91.9 WGTS, one of the most popular Christian radio stations in the country based in Rockville, Maryland, put some of the best in the business directly in his path.

Miners was even added to the White House press list and in turn attended the White House Christmas party tree lighting ceremony. He kept his official badge as a White House presser and thinks that task qualifies as one of his greatest achievements.

“You can share information quickly, connect and engage with a listener and it creates a strong sense of community,” says Miner of working in radio. There is something special about hearing a story from a listener, says Miner.

Growing in his profession is something that Miner strives to do daily. There is never a moment where improvement is off the table. Recently he has been working and learning on the production side of radio, a work that is behind the scenes and helps others in radio. Learning to be more genuine and authentic throughout his content is something important to him.

Sticking close to his faith and genuinely valuing his family and friends are what makes him who he is today. Johnny Stone, WGTS afternoon show host, told Miner “God first, family second and everything else after that.” This is something Miner holds dearly. Jake Fisher, 88.3 The Journey Music Director, says, Miner “always seems willing to increase everyone around him. He’s just a guy who is uplifting in general.”

An intentional focus on his own mental drive is what makes Miner different from any other broadcaster. He simply strives to be 1% better every single day. It makes a huge difference in everything he does. He is someone who maybe doesn’t see himself in a particular place in the next five years, but he wants to continue to provide hope and encouragement to people at work and elsewhere. Working as a consultant is something that really intrigues him because he gets to interact with people and share his experience with them so who knows what the future will hold.

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