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Senior Wishes to Give Back

Kevin Ramirez, senior business marketing major and communications minor traveled from Long Island, NY to come to Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU). His parents both being from El Salvador, Ramirez arrived aspiring on being the first in his family to complete a college degree while also being the oldest among his siblings.

Ramirez has worked in many industries and positions ranging from food, service, manufacturing, sales, insurance, and social media. Thanks to past experiences and university teachings, in summer 2022 he landed a corporate position as an operations manager and production planning assistant at Gamma Aerospace, an airplane manufacturing facility.

In his free time, he enjoys being a foodie, gamer, traveler, explorer whether it be the city or the woods. His dream is to one day live abroad and travel countries in Europe and Asia.

After he graduates this December, he wishes to get into owning rental properties by the end of 2023. Ramirez’s long-term goal is to own his own marketing agency, hoping that through there he can give future students and new graduates opportunities for work and education. His goal is being in the position to give back to every educational institution that has impacted his life to get where he wants to go.

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