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Aspiring Musician from Sacramento Attends SWAU

Jack Fanselau’s newest single, “Every Piece of Me”, demonstrates the young artists vocal capabilities. From his mid-range baritone voice to his high falsetto’s, Fanselau’s diverse musical background can be heard. When asked how he labels himself, the 22-year-old from Sacramento, California stated that he prefers the term musician. In addition to being an artist, Fanselau is also a pianist, a music producer, an opera singer, and a music director at the Cleburne United Presbyterian Church and Joshua Crossroads Fellowship Church.

As the young musician moves forward in his career, God continues to open doors. Fanselau has had the privilege to perform at renown facilities such as the Center in LA, Rockwood Music Hall in New York, and Hotel Café in Hollywood, California. Artists like Mac Miller and John Mayer are a few household names who have performed at Hotel Café. Fanselau has also met and worked with several producers and artists, which includes Nick Zork, PhD., a singer-songwriter who has partnered with Chance the Rapper, and David Bowden, more formally known as Pink Sweats. One of Fanselau’s managers, Lawrence Boo Mitchell, was the producer for the famous Bruno Mars song, “Uptown Funk”.

Although it is evident that music is a large part of Fanselau’s life, he only started singing in his final few years in high school. When he didn’t make the school choir as an under classman, one of his teachers encouraged him to continue to pursue music. Fanselau began lessons with an opera coach to help train his voice in his junior year in high school. He continues his musical journey when he arrived at Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU) in 2019 as a vocal performance major. In the spring of his sophomore year, he released his first single, “When the Sun Don’t Shine.” Fanselau is currently a senior at SWAU and is on track to graduate in the spring in 2023.

Even though his platform is currently small, Fanselau wants to use his social network to share his faith. Christianity is an important part of his life, and he seeks to do that through his music and his actions. Although Fanselau is on track towards a career as a professional musician, he ultimately wants to pursue whatever career path makes him most successful. Whether that be as an R&B artist, a producer, or even an opera singer. Fanselau’s music is available on Spotify and Apple music.

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