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How God Led me Here

My name is Daniela, I was born and raised Bolivian. This is my third year as an international student, and this year I’m a freshman going for a business major at SWAU. My whole journey has been hanging from God’s hands. The past two years in High School He has provided for me. But this last summer God has assured me that He was calling me to SWAU, so he provided me with all that I needed to get into SWAU and even more.

I know that God is calling me to SWAU because He wants me to learn how to use my talents for His glory. So far in the Business department, I got to see how professors apply biblical principles to Business and see how we can still glorify God through everything that we do. In these three weeks, I could see why SWAU is in God’s school, and how many of us have had the calling to come here. God has called each one of us here, and I know that this is God’s school and He will surely take care of the needs of all his children.

~ Daniela Patino | Freshman Business Major

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