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Growing Up Tough on and Off the Field

Camila Rizzo is widely known all over campus as the “gym girl”, but there is much more to her.

Born in Argentina, her family history is of German and Italian descent. Her family had moved

from Germany to escape World War II. In Camila’s final year of high school her father, who is

a pastor got transferred to America and Camila had to redo her senior year.

After graduation she went back to Argentina. In her home country, she got her professional photography degree and played rugby. Rugby is important to Camila because she found it during a pivotal life moment. She decided she needed to be tough, and rugby taught her a lot of important things to apply in her life. Although Camila seems tough and serious, it’s because life taught her she has to be. From a young age she has shown a strong character.

A defining moment was when Camila tore her ACL. As a highly active person she could have lost hope and given up, but instead she found a way to overcome it. Camila is constantly looking at her old self and using that as fuel to keep going. She tries to inspire people with her life and show them that there is always a way.

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