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Peruvian, Health / Fitness Major Embraces Future

Tatiana Palacios is known for her impeccable sense of style and her cheerful personality. She is a senior health and fitness major who was born and raised in Peru and spent a short period of time in Argentina and different places in her country. When she began her studies at Southwestern Adventist University immediately found ways to get involved. As a CASA tutor, Tatiana has been able to assist students through Spanish tutoring because Spanish is her first language, and she likes to spend time supporting students who are learning Spanish because that reminds her of the time when she had English tutors. She is also an active member of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center and has participated in several of their events and workshops.

One of Tatiana’s dreams for the future is to open a small business where she can sell alpaca fur from Peru here in the United States. She plans to earn her master's after graduation to work towards becoming an occupational therapist and certified to work with children who have physical or mental disabilities.

For Tatiana, taking care of others is not an obligation but something she wants to do. She has volunteered with different organizations, including a medical campaign with Advent Health in Peru. These voluntary acts of service demonstrate just how passionate she is about her chosen career path and her innate desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

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