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International Student Dreams Big

Urna Uuganbayar is a classic third culture kid , she was born and raised in Mongolia in her early years of life. Uuganbayar and her mom moved to the Philippines and she

absolutely loved it there, from then she moved by herself to study in Brazil for

high school at the age of 15.

Growing up in high mobility she was easily accustomed to the new changes and adapted easily. After graduating high school in Brazil she came to Maryland for a semester and now has two high school diplomas. God opened another door for Uuganbayar as she got accepted to Southwestern Adventist University although it was not her first choice, she ended up loving the campus. Ever since 15 she has not been back to Mongolia and wishes to eventually visit and volunteer, but her dream career is in the East coast, happily working as a fashion psychologist and hopefully in Vogue.

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