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Kenyan Student Pursues Radio/Tv/Film

Jeremiah Ontiri was born in East Africa, Kenya and is an undergraduate senior at

Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU) pursuing a communication major with a radio/tv and film emphasis. The father of two sons, ages 12 and 17, Ontiri is an entrepreneur who owns Abagusii Global Radio, an online station.

Abagusii Global Radio covers live events, interviews personalities, and plays gospel

music. Ontiri records and edits his music videos, has 3.24k subscribers on YouTube, and 10.4k followers on his personal Facebook page.

It is his dream to graduate from an Adventist university with a degree in communication for he plans to one day transform Abagusii Global Radio into a television station.

Ontiri has made a name for himself as a media sensation amongst the Kenyan population.

He has an accounting diploma from the Technical University of Kenya, which provides an upper hand in entrepreneurship and lets him work in his passion, media. He also holds a diploma in broadcasting from the American Broadcasting School.

Ontiri is the second born in a family of four with three brothers and a sister. As a child he

loved singing with his family and was always a cheerful, happy person. You can access his

station at or call to listen at 360-398-4515.

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