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College Student Inspired to Start YouTube Channel!

YouTube is a place where anyone can be who they want. For Samuel Noverola, a sophomore communication major at Southwestern Adventist University, YouTube is where he wants to start. A student commuting from Grand Prairie, Tx, Noverola lives a busy life.

He came to SWAU to learn advertising and content creation. “I want to learn everything necessary to, you know, become that [YouTuber].” Although he doesn’t have a YouTube channel yet, he is making plans.

The channel will be focused on gaming, reviews, and rating the top ten movies, YouTube videos, video games, and more. He might throw in some anime as well! Noverola has chosen the name SanovaX for his channel, a mixture of his first and last name. He’s been a fan since age 15 and is inspired by The Game Theorists, a popular channel that explains video game theories, and Matthew Santaro.

In five years, Noverola sees himself getting an apartment and learning to live on his own. He is hoping by then he will be looking for jobs in order to survive and start getting his team together. Once he has those in motion, Noverola will land the supplies needed and be ready to start his channel!

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