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A Social Butterfly

Jaleigh Garmon loves to express herself and with the nickname “social butterfly” she believes her people skills and charisma will help with her communication career. She has had a passion for dance since she was a little girl. She even made an Instagram account to express herself with her dance videos. Her inspiration comes from listening to KPOP music while watching video tutorials on the dances. You can watch her videos on her Instagram @jlovesdances.

Garmon works at 88.3 The Journey, a Christian Music Radio Station in Keene TX. Being a Radio-DJ was not in her plans. The station manager asked if she was interested. She wanted to try something new so she is now on the radio Saturday and Sunday from 7:30-12pm.

After living in four different states Jaleigh Garmon and her family settled in San Antonio. Born in Nashville, Tenn, she now attends Southwestern Adventist University. She wants to continue making content for a living, by getting sponsorships and affiliates. She loves singing, dancing, watching movies, and most importantly hanging out with her family and friends. Living in Asia has been a longtime dream of Garmon’s, and one day she hopes to visit and enjoy not only the country life but the city life as well.

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