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A Heart for Sports and Ministry

Kevin Del Valle has a passion for radio. He grew up listening to the radio with his dad and wondered, can I combine sports and radio? The answer is obviously yes.

Del Valle is a junior communication major at Southwestern Adventist University but calls Nashville Tenn. home. He started a podcast called Kelvin’s Korner around six years ago and has been working hard to make it grow. In his podcast he talks about sports with a behind the scenes perspective on your favorite people. He tries to put out an episode a week and promotes it on his social media platforms. Del Valle goes in depth about players being traded, why he believes certain calls were made and the mental and emotional side of sports. “There’s a story behind everything,” says Del Valle.

Del Valle also thinks kids and doing God’s work is important. He has also been preaching since he was ten years old, first at his local church and now all over Texas. He goes wherever he is called.

Del Valle was also called to worked at lake Whitney Ranch summer camp in Texas. Del Valle says, “Summer camp was the best thing that has ever happened in my life. But the greatest part about it is just being with the kids, they’re the greatest thing in the world.”

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