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Ivy Coffee Partners with SWAU

Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU) welcomed Ivy Coffee, a coffee cart stand that makes craft coffee and espressos, last week. They are based in Alvarado and are owned by Collin Brister and Riley Schindler. They opened late last year and have been growing in the community with lots of faithful customers.

The SWAU Student Association (S.A.) hired Ivy Coffee and they served in the Chan Shun Library lobby. They opened Monday-Thursday 3-8 pm to test the market. Yu Hu, the S.A. President said that Ivy’s coffee cart could increase the quality of student life on campus. Her time as the Enactus Vice President two years ago, showed a need for something like this on campus.

Ivy Coffee was only at SWAU temporarily, but their try-out period was very important for the future of this collaboration. “The amount of our students and faculty purchasing at Ivy coffee during this time of tryout will show us whether this is a real need for our students and faculty or not,” said Yu Hu. Since they are a small business and are based in Alvarado, they are looking to hire new employees, potentially SWAU students to run the cart on campus.

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