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Visit an Irish Photo Exhibit at the Library

A touring exhibit of Ireland has made its way to Southwestern Adventist University

(SWAU). Chan Shun Centennial Library will host the exhibit in the Meadows Gallery from

September 22nd through October 19th and is open to community members as well.

The exhibit consists of 120 photographs that tell the compelling story of the people in Ireland from around 1850 to 1990. A Photograph Album of Ireland shows the authentic and relatable experiences of everyday people. The exhibit is a team effort from the Library, Honors Program and English department but couldn’t have been done without the students. They came together to sort through the

packages of photos and set things up to get it ready for opening day.

It’s important to the library and to Cristina Thomsen, head of library services at SWAU. “Libraries are really all about expanding one’s experience. It is really important for us to be able to help people expand their knowledge and awareness of others.” She said. Thomsen believes the library is an integral part of the library’s mission to include cultural and enriching experiences.

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