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Chan Shun Library: Not Just Books

The Chan Shun Library at Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU) has many things to offer students. Besides a quiet place to study and books to read, the library offers many opportunities to grow in an educational, spiritual and personal way.

The student workers at the library provide a different view on what

the library has to offer. Manuel Dorame, a sophomore

Business pre-med major, has been working at the library for over a year and says there are movies, cassettes, puzzles and lots of history to learn. He likes making people feel welcomed and “it’s the best job on campus.”

The library also has a space for campus events. Christina Thomsen, Head of the Library, says there are bible study groups, marriage counseling, and of course the Write

Spot, tutoring for students to work on any writing. She also shared the potential for a

library renovation that could happen soon. Thomsen thinks the library is a great place that is growing and

is available for all students to prosper as well.

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