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The Journey For Michael Gibson

Meet Michael Gibson, pastor for Young Adults at the Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church in Texas.

“I like the sense of community,” says Gibson of working for the Keene Church. When he was a child, he would go camping and hiking with his church family. He has fond memories of those experiences with friends.

Gibson explains how serving as the pastor of Elevate transformed his life. He says it instilled more patience and humility and taught him that God is concerned with our lives.

The experiences of Week of Prayer energize the church team and changed people's lives, says Gibson. “There's nothing greater.”

His favorite church pastor memories to date include the recent Infinite Hope. “I adore taking on larger-than-life initiatives and witnessing how God works,” says Gibson.

When sharing what made his choose ministry, Gibson answered that he was honestly worried, but he took things one day at a time and “individuals here welcomed me and assisted me in learning the ropes.”

Gibson wants to see the future Keene Church as a welcoming environment for everyone. He wants to be inclusive in both practice and words.

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