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Keene Church monthly drive-thru food bank scheduled for November 19

Keene Adventist Church in Keene, Texas (114 South Fairview Street), plans to hold another LIFT feeding program for the community of Johnson County. It will take place on Nov. 19, 2022, at 12.45 p.m. in the church Annex located behind the church off East First street.

In partnership with the Tarrant Area Food Bank, the Keene Church provides monthly groceries to tackle hunger in Keene, a program called LIFT, an acronym for "Love, Inspire, Fill, Together.” It happens the third Saturday of each month. “LIFT has grown tremendously from the time it was conceived, we started off in 2018 with 150 cars in mind, but we now serve up to 120 cars or so an hour,” says Michael Gibson, lead pastor at the Keene Church.

The Keene Church Food Bank usually requests volunteers from the public two weeks in

advance, then are trained before they embark on distribution. Gibson insists on volunteer

training, so everyone is acquainted with the vital church ministry and those interested can sign up at or just show up to volunteer.

LIFT provides a good mix of what Gibson calls “Shelf Stable Items,” those that go into

the pantry and don't need refrigeration, along with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as bread. Families that signed up with both Tarrant Area Food Bank and Keene Church, may pick up at a drive through. Those that are unable to pick up, volunteers go through a sign-up sheet and assign members to do deliveries. The LIFT program started in the fall of 2019 as a way of service to the community and has been taking place for three years. For more information contact Keene church through e-mail: or via phone: (817) 202-6450.

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