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SWAU's Gala Raises Student Scholarship Funds

Southwestern Adventist University’s (SWAU) Advancement Department is set to host an annual event Sept. 27, on campus. The Gala is a fund raising event expected to raise from $80,000 to $100,000 to fund student scholarships. Over six hundred current students, benefit from the Event.

Donors can purchase tables to attend the event according to their tiers; Platinum costs $10,000, gold table costs $5,000, silver table costs $3,000, and bronze $1,500. The Platinum, have their guests from companies including the Texas Health Forth Worth South, and the Southwestern Union Seventh-day Adventist conference.

The event goes beyond just the price per table, it also encourages donors and guests to give more. By showcasing student success stories and great musical presentations, the Gala aims to motivate guests to give.

This event with all its glamour comes with a price of; $10,000 - $20,000, “and it pays for it self” says Tony Reyes SWAU’s Vice President for advancement. He said “by inviting the donors into our campus and telling them in person the stories of students, we continue to engage donors and alumni to give back and invest in our students”

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