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The Success Closet Provides Professional Attire

The Pathways to Success Department hosted this year's Success Closet event at the student center during the first week of October. The Success Closet is exactly what it sounds like: an annual closet for students filled with preloved business casual attire. During the first three days, students can pick up two outfits and write a prayer request, and on the last day, students are allowed to take home an unlimited amount of clothing. Director Austin Powell conceived the idea, which was nurtured and raised by Director Eglae Sandoval.

The director of Pathways to Success, Eglae Sandoval says “We know that students struggle financially and buying professional attire is something that costs a lot. So we collect donations from different churches, local businesses, which we then give to our students for free.”

The huge impact it had on students was that around 1300 articles of clothing were distributed and the rate of customer experience was 4.87 out of 5. There were about 260 students that showed up and got blessed. One of the students that got blessed is Student Association vice president Keith Barrow, “ Many of us don’t have the proper means to purchase professional clothes for things like job interviews. So having a free resource to prepare us for the workforce was extremely helpful.”

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