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Young Aspires to Direct Movies

Julien Young is an aspiring film artist and attends Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU) in Keene, Tx. He is ecstatic to be majoring in Communication with an emphasis in Radio-TV-Film. Young chose to attend SWAU to stay close to his family. Family means the world to him, he calls his parents every single day if away from them.

“I love Texas. It’s the best country in the world,” says Young who was born and raised in Arlington. Young says Quentin Tarantino and 70’s KungFu movies are his favorite. One might also notice his long curly hair. Young grows this out as a Native American tradition. One he has followed since age 13.

Young collaborates with other creatives and works with a small business, Ripple Gear. Young says the company is about immersing and increasing a phone's capabilities to have better sound quality along with great feedback with mobile gaming. Young would love to work with Ripple Gear in the future if the company takes off.

Although he is only a sophomore, he has big plans. Young seeks to learn new skills and experience by editing for the film industry. He already has worked on small films with high school friends. These are on his Youtube channel, NativeFall.

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