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The Number of Scholarships Keeps Growing for SWAU Students

The scholarship blog in the Southwestern Adventist University’s (SWAU) website has a range of roughly 150 different scholarships posted and it just keeps growing. Because of the intentional work put in by the Student Finance Department to search and filter for the scholarships, every week a dozen new scholarships are added to the collection, and the website is checked to ensure that students qualify to apply for the scholarships that are posted.

The amount of money in the scholarships that are on the blog varies a lot, from $500 up to $25,000.

Students interested in looking at the website can go to and watch for the weekly Thursday emails. The emails have a list of new scholarships, as well as a link to the main blog page with the full gallery of over 150 scholarships.

Student Finances is the department in charge of maintaining the blog page on the website. More specifically Isabel Grimaldo, senior student worker, who has operated the blog for about one year and is now training Oliver Cao, sophomore student worker, to take up the blog. He’s excited with the task. “It will be a place for students to have an easy access to scholarships” says Cao.

In the future Cao wants to categorize the many scholarships that are on the website into different tabs, so students searching for specialized scholarships can find them effortlessly.

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