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The Journey Share-A-Thon

The well-known non-profit Christian radio station, 88.3 The Journey, located in Keene, Tx, finished Sharathon 2021, triumphantly raising $107,000 Friday morning. Despite the fact that they were unable to achieve their aim in the time allotted:

“Over the next couple of weeks, we believe and have faith that we will reach the final goal, and we are thankful for what we have successfully raised,” stated Wanda Agee, Sharathon volunteer.

“Sharathon is a bless-a-thon. It gives us the opportunity to share because we’ve received so much from God, that receivers become givers,” said Danae Songy, manager.

To keep the station running 24/7, Sharathon takes place twice a year, fall and spring, giving listeners the opportunity to support by donating to 88.3 The Journey. On Tuesday, Oct. 19, through Thursday the 21st, from 6 am to 7 pm and Friday the 22nd, from 6 am to 10 am, the station was filled with volunteers answering ringing phones and staff recording live every hour.

“A lot of the heavy lifting came from Danae. She was the driving force behind this year’s Sharathon,” said Jacob Fisher, radio station’s music director.

Sharathon would not have been possible if it wasn't for the staff, volunteers, businesses, and supporters! It took all hands on deck to prepare for this exciting moment. Businesses and organizations challenged the community to donate by matching generous contributions being made. At the end of Sharathon, The Journey always thanks listeners for the amazing support given all year round, especially during this time.

If you appreciate the ministry and music, you can support the radio station by going to to donate or calling 817-202-6883.

“88.3 The Journey has blessed me with my daily walk and has been my church outside of the church. It gives me the extra courage to keep going,” said a supporter of The Journey.

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