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Proof of Dinosaurs Living Today

Throughout history, humans have questioned if there is a way to bring dinosaurs back from extinction. This scenario has been in the minds of various scientists, experts, and cryptologists from around the globe. Though some people have reported that there might be dinosaurs living today in our world, some skeptics believe reports are false.

“I think they’re definitely unexplored areas like jungles are difficult to navigate through and the oceans, but you know if you’re talking about a large dinosaur, it would take so many resources and a huge territory to keep that thing alive,” said Jared Wood, Ph.D, director of the SWAU Dino Museum, and associate professor of Biology, “If there were a dinosaur alive today, it wouldn't be one of the big ones. Maybe a smaller dinosaur like a Troodon or Compsognathus.”

Various people have shown Wood evidence with photos of supposed dinosaur sightings. However, Wood shared that he would be pretty shocked if he saw an actual dinosaur. Unfortunately, the Natural History Museum has stated that there is not any surviving DNA from dinosaur bone fragments to bring dinosaurs back from extinction.

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