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Monteiro Believes Communication is Key

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Meet Vitor Monteiro, Public Relations Vice President with the Student Association for Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU), and a junior communication major.

In working with SA, he believes this year’s focus should be communication with students from SWAU and that can be accomplished through social media. Monteiro says SWAU professors and staff are more approachable, and he enjoys the small school feel.

Monteiro loves to shoot and develop actual film photography. He enjoys the more manual feel compared to digital and owns his own photography business. He says, “I love the feeling of taking photos and capturing someone’s personality in one beautiful image.”

As the son of a missionary Monteiro fell in love with photography as a teen living in Cairo. He would later move and work in the marketing department at his high school in Brazil. There he learned to match his artistry with a career path.

His dad works as a pastor in the Dallas, Fort Worth area and his mom cleans homes. Monteiro is the oldest child; he has younger sister and brother.

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