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Love Is In the Air at SWAU

Love is in the air here at SWAU and there are many more people who are getting married. One of them is Brenna Sexson, senior nursing student at SWAU, she will be married June 1. 2023 in Texas. She got engaged over the weekend of Nov 5. 2022. Sexson, age 21, will marry Marcus Sizemore, age 24, a local pastor's kid who works for a private contractor who remodels homes for veterans. They met when his dad became the new pastor at her church in Cleburne, three years ago.

He proposed on a sunny Sabbath afternoon on a backroad under a tunnel tree. Sexson says she was expecting it, eventually, but not when it happened. They will have a summer wedding at her house with a rustic theme. When asked what it is like to be engaged while in college Sexson says, “it’s very crazy! It makes me think about everything I have to get done within a deadline for both my wedding and school.”

As of 2021, the average age for women to get married is 33 and for men it’s 35. This is more

general, accounting for people in the U.S. In Texas the average age for women to get married is 25 and for men is 27. Thankfully God blesses relationships here at SWAU.

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