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Joshua Perez and Janiel Moises: one in the same

Joshua Perez, known in the music profession as Janiel Moises, is a junior business major at Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU) in Keene, Texas. Originally from Michigan, Perez is a 21-year-old self-named artist whose hobbies include all things baseball, playing piano, and especially making music.

Perez came out with many songs this year, including his first Extended Play record (EP) titled “Lessons Learned.” This EP has five songs that embrace heartbreak and moving on through slow beats and calming vocals. Perez sings about the confusion and loss experienced in relationships, and yet he appreciates what he learned from them. This year he also released two singles called “LOWENA” featuring Rock1zero and “Happiness” featuring Marcl. Perez writes, records, and produces his own music, making it even more special.

Perez says he draws inspiration from many aspects in life. These include American singer, songwriter, and rapper Frank Ocean, his friends, and especially his family. Perez’s family impacted his life goals in a big way. He says he wants to

pursue his dreams in life because he witnessed his family “doing what they love” as he was growing up. As he watched them pursue the life they wanted, it further pushed him to reach for his own dreams.

Perez’s main dream is to own a hospital. He loves music, but is pursuing business to further his education and utilize the skills he’s learned to own and operate a hospital. The medical field is a huge way to help others, and Perez wants to do just that. However, he also enjoys helping people through his music.

He has faced many hardships in life; as a result Perez has lost trust in people. He says that when it comes to the journey of life, “along the way people can change and you only have your own back.” Something interesting about Perez is that when given the choice to eat only one thing for the rest of his life, he chose Subway. “I like subs,” he says.

Austin Stephens, a senior psychology major at SWAU and a friend of Perez describes him as “inspirational, goated, and heat.” His first impression of Josh is “who is this guy?” but over time he has learned by spending time with Perez to “live life and not care about the situations you're in.” Stephens says he “wouldn't change anything about Josh.”

Licci Zemleduch, Perez’s business teacher, describes Perez as “noble” and “always willing to help.” She has seen him grow and take more initiative now than when she first met him. Zemleduch advises Perez to not be “shy to propose new ideas and to take leadership,” as he reaches his full potential in life.

Perez is an all around great guy who others enjoy spending time with and listening to his music. Listen to “Lessons Learned” and his other singles on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube.

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