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Gravitt's Quest for Success

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Isaac Gravitt, is a sophomore communication major born in Kyiv, Ukraine. Shares that he was 16 months old when he and his adopted sister came to live in the United States. Gravitt was raised in Cleburne, TX. He does not remember his childhood. He was told he had several eye surgeries and concussions which impacted his memories.

In Cleburne, Gravitt discovered new hobbies, and fell in love with editing videos. Gravitt was even selected to send videos off to sports highlights at his school. Greg Funderburk, his high school coach + teacher was his inspiration because he encouraged Gravitt to continue following his passion in creativity. Gravitt shared that because of Funderburk’s mentoring, he is now a communication major at Southwestern Adventist University. He and Funderburk still stay in touch.

Gravitt enjoys sports and has played football, basketball, and soccer at Cleburne. He also made a promise to himself and family. Gravitt shared that in the future he’d like to work at National Geographic, the NFL, or somewhere he can start earning the big bucks and not worry about college debt.

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