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Get Your Hands Dirty in Wyoming

A Field Research Project in the Lance Formation of eastern Wyoming is conducted each

summer, typically in June, by paleontology staff from Southwestern Adventists University. The program consists of a balance of instruction in technique, as well as actually excavating fossil dinosaur remains from the dig site of W. There is also an overview of dinosaur life, including general science concepts and principles. An interesting feature is how they created a way to use GPS technology to map bone beds. This technique was created by Arthur Chadwick, Ph.D, director of the Dinosaur Research Project, discovered in the late 1990s, letting student paleontologists do a lot of hands-on experience.

“We can bring back as many as 2,500 bones in the summer, '' said Jared Wood, Ph.D, director of the SWAU Dino Museum, and associate professor of Biology. “We have to clean them, stabilize, and photograph the bones.” The Dino Museum has website to checkout the 30,000+ database of Cretaceous fossils in the world here:

SWAU student paleontologists are tasked with the job of updating throughout the rest of the school year.

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