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Genesis Seeks Discomfort

Genesis Santos Guzman is a Communication sophomore student at Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU), born and raised in Orlando Florida, Guzman grew up in a Mexican household, and had all the duties of being the first generation Latin American, “filling out high-school forms, or any important document was always my task.”, her connection with her family is a big part of her life. As an only child, her parents were her best friends as well as her mentors. They remain a big part of her daily life, “I call my parents every morning to have a morning prayer. It’s just the best way to get the day started”

When it came time for Guzman to decide where to go for school, it was an easy decision. “God opened so many doors making it possible for me to come study. The financial support was a miracle”, says Guzman. At the end the financial stability brought her to SWAU, but the friends are the reason she stayed.

In her freshmen year, Guzman thought she wanted to pursue a degree to become a occupational therapist, When she met Michael Agee, SWAU’s former Professor and Department

Chair of communication and head of the radio station, that she felt excited about a career path that would match her strengths in communication and marketing.

One dream she has is to work with the YouTuber group “Yes Theory”, she thinks their ideology of seeking discomfort, and passion had a great influence on her growing up. “I’d love to meet them in person some day”. For the coming semester she is excited to cover the green house and the observatory writing weekly articles.

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