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Committee of 100 Starts Campus Greenhouse

The Committee of 100 Greenhouse has been a part of Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU) for over 50 years. The area is located on 103 E. Walnut Street in Keene, Tx., in front of the SWAU's women's residence, Harmon Hall.

“For ecology class, I got to handle the greenhouse corn and bean seedlings to determine their development rate,” said senior biology student Taylor Pool.

The greenhouse has received several renovations over the years, ranging from glass replacement to the installation of new banana trees. This area serves as a resource for classes and Ph.D. Arthur Schwarz, a professor of biology and the department's head, appreciates the opportunity to teach courses that focus on this topic. The Department of Plant Engineering sold vegetable starter plants from the greenhouse this spring and grew flowers that were planted in the summer around campus.

“I enjoy flowers, plants, and gardening, so I figured why not do it all in the greenhouse,” said Tom Bunch, a greenhouse volunteer.

Bunch has been helping with the Committee of 100 Greenhouse for three years and serves as the SWAU grant manager. He visits the greenhouse many times a week to see if the plants are watered and the fish are fed by the student workers.

SWAU archivist librarian, Teresa Pritchett, describes the Committee of 100 as "a select group of students and or alumni who wanted to contribute in a positive way to the university." The greenhouse project was possible thanks to the efforts of this group, which continues to add a new dimension to campus life.

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