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Aspiring Film Maker Finds His Way Back to Keene

Nolan Westerman is a sophomore communications major at Southwestern Adventist University with an emphasis in film. He was born in Keene and then moved to McAllen, Texas in the 4th grade which was around the same time that his passion for film came about through recording short videos with his sister.

He eventually moved back to Keene to attend SWAU this fall, in 2022. Nolan initially attended the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, but he decided to come to SWAU because he was drawn to their film program. “College is like first grade all over again where everyone feels out of place and are just trying to make friends,” says Nolan.

Nolan likes to create digital art and play video games in his free time. He believes that

the film industry is a lot of fun, requires a lot of skill and luck. More than anything, he is

looking forward to being able to create stories for everyone to see.

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