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A Man Untapped Potential

Braxton Molina is a senior at Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU) who had an idea about starting an official business, and always wanted to change the gaming and phone industry as a whole. Molina has had many ideas. He thought of creating an industry to make computer parts, or starting a business to build skyscrapers. He noticed something that wasn’t fully utilized, mobile immersion. His idea is called Ripple Gear. The product is still in concept, while the next step is to make the prototype, and a kickstarter.

Ripple Gear is a multi-personal case for your phone. It can be used for haptic feedback for mobile gaming. What is haptic feedback? Haptic feedback is the use of touch to communicate with the user. Most people know the feeling of a vibration in a mobile phone or the rumble in a on game controller, but haptic feedback is much more than that. Haptic feedback is the idea of simulating the sense of touch. Not only can you touch what’s on your phone but the phone could touch you back. The Idea of haptic-feedback is a huge idea of Ripple Gear. It could be used when watching a movie, or listening to songs. The Idea is to try to get you immersed in your phone while using haptic feedback which is simply a phone case..

SWAU and Enactus are the main investors for Molina’s project. Enactus partnered with SWAU for a business pitch competition and a chance to win $5,000. Molina worked tirelessly to perfect his pitch. He even held small pitch meetings wanting to get this right. When the Enactus Pitch took place Molina won the competition and took his $5,000 to start ripple gear on October 2020. Molina is talking to other investors and recruiting people from SWAU as well as other highly talented people, to help change the future of noble cases.

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